Friday, 12 April 2013

Repeat, adjust and improve

When I was a music student I remember watching a musical master class. What struck me most was the intense focus upon the details of the music and its technical and interpretive challenges.

A student would play through a piece once. Then the Maestro would make some introductory comments about the music overall. She would then quickly focus upon one or two sections, discussing the best way to play and interpret them and asking the student to play and then replay a passage, trying out different techniques and ways of interpreting it.
This process was repetitive but also generative. Each time you heard the same passage but slightly changed and, over time, you could hear how each adjustment added to the overall quality of the music.
The above process can be likened to a golfer repeatedly practising a particular type of shot, making slight adjustments each time, until eventually it is not only perfected but also consistently executed.
When working on an idea or solution focus upon its key aspects and the areas you need to polish or improve. Adjust and if necessary rehearse these until you are happy that your idea or solution will consistently deliver the quality and results you require.
Remember the mantra ‘repeat, adjust, improve’. Conduct your own 'solutions' master class and generate truly exceptional ideas.

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