Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Show people what you mean

There is a passage in Rimsky Korsakov’s orchestral piece Capriccio Espagnol that is pure musical theatre. One of the movements is in the style of a Spanish gypsy song and during one memorable passage the violin and viola players remove their instruments from under the chin and begin to strum them like guitars (quasi guitara). The effect of seeing so many people playing their instruments in this novel way is stunningly memorable and it enhances the Spanish flavour of the music greatly: really conjuring up the image of Spanish guitar players strumming away in the village streets and cafes of Asturian Northern Spain.
Visually demonstrating something can be a very powerful way of making meanings, consequences and intentions clear. How can you most graphically demonstrate the nature and consequences of your problems and/or the appropriateness and effectiveness of your ideas for dealing with them? What will really grab people’s attention, keep their gaze and help them clearly see what you mean?
Try some of the following: 
  • Create a picture, diagram or cartoon strip of your problems and/or your ideas for dealing with them. 
  • Create a colourful and memorable story that describes the background to your problems and how your ideas for dealing with them were thought of and developed.
  • Let people see your problems at first hand and show them your suggested solutions in action.
  • Encourage people to physically experience the problems and/or the possible solutions by acting them out.

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