Friday, 12 July 2013

Transform mediocre ideas

Schubert was an exceptional songwriter; he could conjure great songs from mediocre poetry.

He was able to see the seed hidden within a cliché ridden poetic phrase and make it flower in music: to focus upon the smallest spark of inspiration and kindle it into flames of creativity. For example, in "An Die Musik" Schubert transforms sentimental "candyfloss" verse into a song that beautifully expresses his love of music.

Most innovative ideas begin life as mediocre ones. At first, just like anything new-born, they seem capable of nothing except devouring time and resources. But, given care and attention, they can transform into mature and beautifully crafted solutions.

The next time you are confronted with a new-born mediocre idea, look beyond its half-baked appearance for that small sharp spark of inspiration.

Give this spark your care and attention; help it transform into something excellent.

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