Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tap into the power of multiplication

Enthusiasm and joy etched upon her face the conductor raises her baton; she brings it down to create a massive, solid wall of sound.

The orchestra sees the conductor's instant, shining enthusiasm and mirrors and magnifies it a hundred fold: each player's enthusiasm building upon that of the conductor's, creating and projecting wave after wave of glorious sound.

The audience, seeing and hearing this rich harmony of enthusiasm, responds with attention, then growing excitement that eventually erupts into cheering, clapping, bravos and stamping - demands for more.

The conductor turns to receive the acclaim and sees, hears and feels her own passion reflected back at her - one thousand fold.

The audience receives its encore. 

Never under-estimate the power of your enthusiasm. Show it and watch it shine in other people's eyes. Watch it magnify and gain power within those around you. Then tap into it to create something extra, something valuable, that unexpected encore of a shared idea that will make all the difference.

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