Monday, 1 June 2015

Apply the 'Broadwood Effect'.

In the spring of 1818 the English piano makers Broadwood and Sons sent Beethoven a new grand piano. It was the latest model with a bigger, stronger tone and an increased range of notes.

Getting the piano to Beethoven was expensive, time consuming and arduous. It had to be shipped to Trieste and then carried by mules to Vienna through jagged mountain passes and over rough, energy sapping dirt tracks.

It was all worth it. Beethoven took to his new piano immediately and it inspired him to create one of his greatest piano Sonatas, No 29 in B flat Major, Opus 106 ‘Hammerklavier’.

The message here is simple. If you put significant time, money and effort into providing people with good quality and inspiring resources, the return on your investment can be very great indeed.

The next time you are in need of inspiring ideas apply the 'Broadwood Effect'. What will inspire people to inspiring ideas?

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