Monday, 4 April 2016

Amy's Treat

Amy Beach was the first North American woman to succeed as a composer of serious large-scale musical works. These compositions include a mass, symphony and piano concerto.

When taking a break from composing her major works, Amy liked to give herself a treat: she enjoyed writing songs.

As well as being an enjoyable treat for Amy, these short songs were very important to her creative process; many of the ideas developed in her major works were initially sketched out in miniature within her songs.

Our best and most creative ideas often come to us as we do things we enjoy. What do you particularly enjoy? Which of your tasks and activities are a stimulating and enjoyable treat?

Now think about your job or profession. Which parts of your job or profession do you particularly enjoy? When you feel the need, treat yourself to doing them.

As you enjoy yourself, you may experience the added delight of discovering a spark of a bright new idea.

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