Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Make space for your inner voices

Frederic Mompau's solo piano pieces are small, delicate, seemingly spontaneous and intimately expressive gems.

They contain an inner glow: a glow which emanates from inner voices that Mompau gives the space to be heard.

Sometimes, as with the 'Nocturne' from Tres Variacions, he places them on their own line; he gifts them their own musical stave.

The pianist sees the space given to these voices on the page and translates it into added significance in sound (just enough for the voices to cast their unique patterns of light and shade upon the sounds flowing above and below).

And Mompau's piece is transformed into more than the sum of its small parts: full of rich, warm and unexpected feeling.

Give your inner voices space to be heard. It does not, as Mompau shows us, need to take much time.

To find out more about Mompau's piano music click here.

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