Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Show your commitment

CPE Bach, perhaps the most experimental and innovative of JS Bach’s composer sons, had a reputation for clearly (often exaggeratedly) showing what he was feeling as he performed music.
When asked why he did this, he replied that he could not expect his listeners to be moved emotionally if he himself failed to demonstrate being similarly moved.

For a new and innovative idea to be accepted, people need to become convinced of its worth. For this to happen, those responsible for the idea must demonstrate their personal commitment to it.
Are you showing commitment to your ideas? Are you showing enthusiasm for your ideas? What are you saying and doing in support of your ideas? Do you need to show, say and do more?
(An Australian doctor showed significant commitment to his idea. He discovered that most stomach ulcers were caused by microbes in the stomach rather than stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. None of his colleagues accepted his discovery, so he infected himself with the microbes and cured himself with antibiotics. His colleagues acceptance of his discovery soon followed).

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