Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Create a universe of imagination from a tiny spark of feeling

"To explore remembering is to explore being creative."
Bruce Adolphe (Composer)

Arising from your first feeling and sensation, your first thoughts lead to your first gestures and actions; your first gestures and actions lead to your first reactions.

And you begin to form memories.

From your memories emerge ideas you have had and clues, slivers and snippets of insight, pointing towards ideas you will have.

Notice how you form memories. Record how your ideas emerge. Gather in the clues, the slivers and snippets of insight, pointing towards ideas you will have.     

Entwine your memories, ideas and slivers and snippets of insight with those of other people.
What meanings and understandings are revealed as the memories, ideas and slivers and snippets of insight meld within people's minds?     

Above all, what emerges new, brilliant and unforeseen?

Meld separate memories, ideas and insights into new shared memories, ideas and insights, and create a universe of imagination from a tiny spark of feeling.

"How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life."
Ludwig Wittenstein

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