Thursday, 9 July 2020

Listen to and act upon micro-moments of feedback

Tasmin Little recently performed Max Bruch's 1st Violin Concerto for the 100th time. The Concert was broadcast, and during the interval Tasmin spoke of her feelings about performing the same piece so many times.

She spoke of how her performance of the concerto had gained depth over the years, benefiting from an ever-widening palette of approaches that was made possible by the insights gained from working with many different orchestras and the ideas and suggestions provided by many different conductors.

Tasmin spoke about one conductor in particular: Vernon Handley; he had felt that she habitually played a specific note slightly flat (or just that little bit too low) during the slow 2nd movement of the concerto.

Tasmin had listened to this small piece of feedback and placed it in her memory. She said she always recalled his words and was careful to "brighten" the note in question whenever she performed the concerto.

Significantly improving quality, enhancing expertise and skills, breaking through to new and innovative thinking: these things are usually the synergist sum total of many micro-moments of insightful feedback. One bit builds upon another bit that illuminates another bit until everything brightens: transformed into something better than before.

Like Tasmin, listen to, store and act upon micro-moments of insightful feedback, and gradually transform yourself and what you do into something better than before.

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