Thursday, 28 October 2021

Nine ghost songs for choir and piano


Here are "Nine Ghost Songs" for SATB choir and piano.

Click on the links to see and download the scores...

The Druid's Gift

The Ghost Ship's Last Song

Echoes of an Irish Epitaph

Aadizookaan: The Wind Snake's Dance

Fuyu no Hōmon

Ma Phae Wah

Sing My Song

жаль (Pity)

Ka Wahine `Ai Honua

If any of you choirs out there are looking for something a little bit different but also accessible and easy enough to sing, try them out for size.

Each song is quite short, and all nine will easily fit into a concert programme.   

I also have the Musescore versions. If you would like these, just let me know.

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