Thursday, 5 July 2012

Music is creativity in the air!

Music is creativity in the air. It surrounds us like a second aural skin.

We desire the beat of its crashing waves of energetic sound and the calming strokes of its softly undulating tones and rhythms.

Music mirrors our lives: it has a beginning and an end; it quickly shifts from mood to mood; it is fast and slow; it has highs and lows; it works itself out as it flows along. Sometimes, we can hear it struggling with problems set deep within its beating heart.

If we open our ears and minds, music can offer us much: we can share in its creativity and apply its logic; we can benefit from its discipline; we can experience thoughts and emotions not easily expressed in words; we can learn invaluable lessons from the people who practise, perform, conduct and compose it.

Here, I will explore how we can absorb music's creative principles and practices into our lives and work: how we can develop a "musical sixth sense" that will strengthen our creativity and open our minds to innovation.

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