Saturday, 8 March 2014

Access all areas

When Beethoven composed his Septet in E flat major it quickly became very popular with amateur musicians across Europe.

Given that the piece needed quite large forces and called for instruments not easily to hand, Beethoven decided to create some arrangements for fewer instruments. He wrote one arrangement for clarinet, piano and cello and another for violin, piano and cello. Doing this not only increased the number of people who could enjoy his music but also helped Beethoven enhance his profile and increase his income.

How could you enhance the accessibility of your ideas and raise your profile? How could you make it easier for people to directly access and experience your ideas? What types of media are most convenient and economic for people to access and how could your ideas be adapted to them effectively? Can you tailor your ideas to the differing needs and resources of the various people who are interested in or affected by them? How can you make your ideas less expensive to implement whilst at the same time maintaining and perhaps even enhancing their quality?

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