Sunday, 16 March 2014

Capture the essence

Graham Fitkin is a composer who frequently gives his works one word titles. The words he selects for his titles get straight to the heart of what the music is about. For example, three of his pieces are called ‘Sinew’, ‘Granite’ and ‘Metal’. Each word makes its own unique impression upon an audience, readying them for the music’s timbres and textures and creating an overall sense of expectation and anticipation.

Capturing the essence of what an issue or problem is about is central to solving it. The next time you have a complex problem to solve start by challenging yourself to think about it simply. Ask yourself the following question:

‘What is the one word, phrase, analogy or metaphor that best describes the essence of the problem?’

Find the essential heart of your problem and your mind will become primed, ready and even eager to solve it.

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