Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Observation 1.7.5

Written for Rarescale and dedicated to Charles Morgan Lines: observation 1.7.5 trio for open-holed or kingma system quartertone alto flute, bassoon and violin.

Composer in residence to the observatory:


4 site-specifically inspired string quartets across four residency locations in two years.

'As a composer and painter I have a deeply held interest in the psychological and perceptual/emotional/intuitive associations between these two media and how ideas can be transacted one to the other. As well as creating four new string quartets I will also keep a video diary of the residency and creative experience, make sketches and paintings (on location) of the built and natural landscape features to explore transduction between the physical environment and sound construction transforming (intuitively) visual ideas into notation – landscape into sound.'
More here:


Observation 1.7.5 is an unforeseen extension to the work undertaken in the composition of the quartets as it uses material from observation 1 and observation 1.7 in new contextual relationships.

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