Monday, 4 January 2016

Do you want to immerse yourself within an intriguing world? (Pierrot Project: 5th to 17th February 2016)

Would you like to immerse yourself within a surreal, intriguing and ever so slightly pleasantly unsettling world?

If your answer is yes, get yourself to the exhibitions and performances of the Pierrot Project taking place at the Display Gallery in London.

From the 5th through to the 17th of February, artists and composers and performers will come together to create a rich three dimensional world of light, sound, colour, images, sculpture and music which will breath new and vivid life into the artistic world of a great 20th century composer. To find out more click here: Pierrot Video.

Arnold Schoenberg is one of the most influential composers of the last century. He took music, shook out its notes and rearranged them in ways that changed its look, feel and sound: that changed what we hear, how we hear -- and even how we feel.

The artists of the Pierrot Project have roused the artistic world of Arnold Schoenberg (more specifically his artwork and cabaret songs, and more especially his seminal Pierrot Lunaire) and stirred and remixed it to create a new experience for a new audience.

Through the power of hands-on collaboration, the Project has created a real rather than virtual world that people can experience in the here and now, rather than the there and then of the computer screen or recording: you walk into and around it, rather than sit still in front of it.

So, don't just sit there watching and listening: go there, do something, enjoy something!

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