Thursday, 8 October 2015

Simply make a start and take it from there!

A while ago I heard Andre Previn, the famous conductor and composer, giving a radio interview. He was asked about how he went about the task of composing. He immediately replied by saying the simplest of things: he said the most important thing was to write something, anything. He also said that you might end up throwing it all away the next day, but that this did not matter. The key thing was to make a start and take things from there.

This gets to the heart of the creative process, which is not about being intellectual and theoretical but about physically creating something new that you and others can grapple with and seek to understand and develop.

Quite often, when we are doing our best to come up with creative ideas we can think too much and do too little.

Creating something new takes time and there are likely to be many false starts and unexpected obstacles that will need to be overcome. Obviously, however, until you physically make those starts and experience those obstacles you cannot begin to acknowledge and address them effectively.

In essence, the more you think about being creative rather than actually getting down to doing it the longer the process will take!

So, remember this: the next time you need to generate new ideas, begin by physically creating or doing something upon which you can build.

Simply make a start and take it from there!

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