Sunday, 18 October 2015

Not only music but also musicians can change people's lives

'I initially got the idea to do a charity concert when I read an online article about kids who got left behind in my hometown. I then contacted some local authorities to ask if I can do something to help. I pitched to them the idea of doing a charity concert to help raise money for the children, which would help them continue their education. The local authorities responded positively and after discussions, they cooperated with local business organisations that helped set up a foundation. I was taking care of the concert part; we invited both the children and donors to attend the concert. The first concert was a success; I was extremely moved by people’s kind actions and support. The goal of the charity is reflected by its name ‘Under the Same Sky': we wish there to be fewer and fewer youngsters who are left behind. In the past three years, we have had three ‘Under the Same Sky’ concert series and more than 200 children have benefitted from them.'

The violinist Yijia Zhang speaking to Amati Magazine.

This is a great example of how a gifted musician can use his position, profile and expertise to benefit those in need.

Yjia Zhang's words require no elaboration from me. All I will do is emphasise that many of us have positions, profiles and expertise that we underestimate and under-utilise, so missing opportunities to use them to our own and, more importantly, others' benefit.

When was the last time you reflected upon your position, profile and expertise? Can you begin using one or all of them to benefit not only yourself but also others? I think these are questions we can all ask ourselves from time to time.

To enhance Yijia's profile further, and also his ability to use it to good effect, here is a link to information about his debut album 'Tango Embrace'. If you want a flavour of the music here are some very 'short snippets'.

The album consists of nine arrangements of tango music by the Argentinian composer Astor_Piazzolla, who combined tango with elements from jazz and classical music. Smoky seductive stuff!

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