Monday, 26 October 2015

Peter Cook on the links between music and business

Here is a great interview with management consultant Peter Cook about the links between music and business:

It lasts about 35 minutes. If you are interested in a unique, engaging and undogmatic approach to business, management and creativity, etc., it is well worth a listen.

Towards the end of the interview Peter describes 'Mathematical Creativity', which is about creatively problem solving by adding things, subtracting things, multiplying things and dividing things.

One way of adding things is to  'colour up your ideas'.

One way of subtracting things is to 'go back to the original'.

Here is a very simple, very human way of 'tapping into the power of multiplication'.

As Peter says, applying division to creative problem solving requires a bit of careful thought, but re-expressing division as being about dividing into groups, as being about separating out and creating space, may reveal a few ways of doing it. The world of choirs and choral music may offer some insights: 'mix, place and (above all) space'.


  1. Oh, I just stumbled over this Charles - thanks so much for this - about time we caught up again

  2. A pleasure! Yes, just let me know when you would like a catch-up. The division bit is the most challenging approach to apply to creative problem solving, I think, but also perhaps the most effective. It makes you work that bit harder, and that is when the creativity kicks in.


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