Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Diary of a creative person: day 1

Thinking and acting in three dimensions

When Marc is creating he does things, responds intuitively to things and thinks logically about things. He will walk, gather, sketch and talk; he will reflect upon, respond to and form feelings about his situation, environment and work; he will analyse and, eventually, conclude and decide.

Most of us are good at thinking logically about things. This is what we have been educated and trained to do, and it is what most employers encourage us to do: analyse, conclude, decide.

But to enhance our creativity we need to work at developing the other two dimensions: we need to do more and feel more. 

If you are stuck there, thinking harder and harder, take a walk and ask yourself what you can do. Can you start gathering more information? Can you visualise and 'draw out' your thoughts by sketching or using a Mind Map? Can you talk things through with someone? In addition to thinking logically about what is good or bad about something ask yourself what you find intriguing or concerning about something (perhaps use a PINC Filter). Ask yourself why this may be.

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