Thursday, 14 January 2016

Diary of a creative person: day 10

Using multiple senses

When reading Marc's blogs it quickly becomes clear that he uses multiple senses to process the information he gains and the experiences he has whilst doing his research and preparation for new works. This video from his blog is a particularly good example of this: sight, sound, movement, smell -- all are mentioned.

His ability to take in and process information through multiple senses increases the palette of inspirations available to him as he prepares and writes his music. This enables him to deliver works that broil with rich and diverse interconnections and associations.

Most of us have one or two senses that we tend to use the most: some of us are very visual; some of us are very auditory; some of us are very touch feel physical, etc. Being creative, however, demands that we widen our sensual horizons so (like Marc) we can increase the palette of inspirations available to us.

Make a point of noticing what you see, hear, smell and feel as you go about your daily life. If you go to art galleries begin going to concerts as well (or vice versa). If you usually see a lot and hear a lot start doing a lot as well: take dancing classes, pottery classes, or just go for a walk more often.

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