Sunday, 10 January 2016

Diary of a creative person: day 6

Embracing, exploring and using unexpected insights and suggestions

When the musicians Marc works with identify unexpected facets of his music, for example unforeseen combinations of melodic lines and instruments, he is not only keen to acknowledge them but also embrace and explore them (in many cases eventually adding them to his completed compositions).

As alluded to above, we often very quickly form assumptions about what things are like and how things should be. This is especially the case when we have invested a great deal of time and effort into creating something: be this a new idea, a new process or policy, or a new product (or whatever else).          
It is good for us to feel passionately about what we have created and how it should be used and developed. But really effective creativity demands that we put our passions (and the assumptions they generate) aside and welcome and explore unexpected insights, suggestions and contributions.

Remember that no one person can create a truly new, attractive, feasible and finished idea (just as no one person can make music). Cultivate curiosity: allow people to play with your ideas and be curious about their insights, experiences and suggestions.  Let go of the ego and status of being the originator of an idea; work with others to make your idea the best of ideas.

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